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Friend Paul fishing along a favorite Vermont stream.

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91 Paul's Parachutes Paul DiNolo, MA Several sample parachutes and some history.
90 Muddler's Paul DiNolo, MA A half dozen variations, used in his March, 2014 article in "On The Water" magazine
89 Bill Long's Dragonfly Nymph Bill Long, PA This is a realistic pattern that Bill writes is easy to tie.
88 Soft Hackle Flies Paul DiNolo, MA A follow up article to his Soft Hackle Brassie pattern (story #87)
87 Soft Hackle Brassie Paul DiNolo, MA Soft hackle flies are easy to tie and very effective
86 Mosquito Bob Mead, NY Another realistic fly from Bob
85 Peacock Caddis Larva Fred Bridge, PA Peacock herl and lead wire are two of the best ingredients for a nymph
84 Wonder Bug Fred Bridge, PA A wonderfully simple pattern with effective materials
83 Gurgle-pop Popper - Randy's version Randy Knapp, VA Randy offers a great story about this fly and a 30" fish
82 Six Classic Wet Flies Paul DiNolo Paul assembled these flies for his upcoming article in On the Water magazine.
81 Hare & Herl Bugger - Phil's version Phil L., Germany Read the nice email I received from Phil about this fly
80 Atlantic Salmon on the Rock Bob Erickson, ME Bob's fishing trip to Newfoundland
79 Quill-winged Caddis John Wight, Maine John, a Master Maine Guide, shares his go-to dry fly for NH and ME rivers.
78 Chironomid Patterns Paul DiNolo, MA Paul successfully fishing these Chironomid patterns in the kettle ponds around Cap Cod.
77 Kratville Critters David Kratville, CA Dave has put together a nice series of downwing foam flies
76 Woolly Fur-Bugger Peter Frailey, MA This fly is one sturdy little bugger
75 Crane Fly Fred Bridge, PA I have fished with Fred... if he says a fly works, you'd be well served by adding a few to your box!
74 Deer Hair Mouse Bob Erickson, VT Another fine pattern, taken from Bob's repertoire of flies for Labrador

Black Bead-eyed Bugger

 Dan Gober, NY Dan has tied some nice mini--pattern for this story.

Lures From New Zealand: Part IV

John Nicholls, NZ Part IV completes this series

Lures From New Zealand Part III

John Nicholls, NZ This third of 4 parts features  three Pukeko Style patterns

Lures From New Zealand: Part II

John Nicholls, NZ This second of 4 parts features two Killer Style patterns

Lures From New Zealand: Part I

John Nicholls, NZ The first of 4 parts, this features five Matuka patterns

Lures From New Zealand: An Intro

John Nicholls, NZ Johnno sent me 12 lure patterns most of which are quite different from patterns used in the North America.
67 Sucker Spawn Bob Erickson, VT Bob provides us with a number of successful egg patterns.
66 The Conehead Combo Peter Frailey, MA A deep dredging fly that combines the features of many patterns and imitates many food items.
65 The Daiichi Hook #1870 Dennis Collier, CO You might find yourself hooked on the Daiichi #1870
64 CDC Attractor Hermann Schibli, Germany and NH Another great pattern from Hermann. Be sure to see Hermann's other patterns as well!
63 The Bredbo  Alan Shepherd, Tasmania This wet fly hopper pattern is one of Australia's first patterns (circa 1896)
62 Ian's Foam Post Parachutes  Ian Forbes, Duncan, British Columbia Next time you walk an ocean beach, you too might end up with a lifetime source of foam posts!
61 The Buffy Special  John Mundinger, MT Another great fly from John, his second "Fly With a Story"
60 Hare-wing Royal Trude "Capn' Bob" Jones, ID Fur from a snowshoe hare gives this old pattern
 new appeal.
59 Green Drake Parachutes  Fred Bridge, PA This pattern is another one of Fred's spent-wing parachutes. It is also known as the Pine Creek Special.
58 Streamers for Labrador  Bob Erickson, VT This is Bob' s second story.  Be sure to see the separate page with six streamer recipes
57 Snowballs in Summer  Dennis Collier, CO  Dennis has a simple pattern that you'll find rewarding anywhere big terrestrials abound
56 Henry's Fork Flies Part II  Eric Austin, OH This is the second of Eric's 3-part series 
55 Opening Day 2004  Peter Frailey, MA  Three flies used by Peter on his personal opening day, 2004 
54 Henry's Fork Flies  Eric Austin, OH  The first of Eric's 3-part series 
53 Hills and Humpies  Rob Knisely, KY  "Hill and Humpies" is Rob's third story on this site, and includes some of his excellent photos from a memorable trip to the Smokies
52 The Maine Event  Bob Erickson, VT  Bob's three fresh patterns and variations are real winners on Maine trout
51 Kaufmann Stoneflies  Stew "Gandolf" Denton, TX Stew uses Ronn Lucas' Iridescent dubbing to great advantage on these two samples of his staple nymph 
50 Mud Bugs & Buzzers  Gary Soucie, MA Gary assembles peacock herl, marabou and a bit of flash to produce a real fish-getter.
49 Double Hackles  Jim LaFevers, TX  I like the simplicity of these old flies, and have caught many bass and panfish with them.
48 Rob's Quill-body Flies  Peter Frailey Rob uses a unique fly-tying product to construct these patterns 
47 The Surprise Attack  Don Shaw, PA  A marvelous story that includes three great flies. 
46 Green Drake Nymph  Fred Bridge, PA  Another fine fly from Fred's brother-in-law, the late Russ Mowry.
45 Western Blue Dun  Matt Cassel, WY Matt's favorite early-spring fly, used on small streams in the high plains of Wyoming. 
44 Stimulators  Gene Hall, WY  Pictured are four stimulators used by Gene for a number of seasonal situations 
43 Bloody Muddler  Mike Flagg, MT  Another nice piece of deer hair work by Mike, with a story to match
42 Serendipity

 Hermann Schibli, NH and Germany 

Hermann has some great stories. Too, check out the photo he sent me of the fish featured in the story! 
41 Whiz Kid  Mike Flagg, MT Mike (and Mark) have a great winner here.  Very versatile surface attractor, wet fly, or nymph.
40 Woodchuck Special  Rob Knisely, KY Rob is a great writer and photographer.  This is his second "Fly With A Story".
39 Conehead Muddler  Alberto Jimeno, NH Story of two rainbows caught on a river where trout are neither stocked nor native 
38 Chernobyl Ant  Michael Johnson, AZ  A beautiful example of the Chernobyl Ant, with parachute hackle to land it right-side-up. 
37 Don's Maine Flies  Don Shaw, PA Great story of Don's trips to Maine 
36 Double Bunny  Loren Williams, NY Great Steelheading story! 
35 The General  Jason Akl, Florida I'm always impressed with spun-hair hoppers and muddlers, like this one.
34 The Chub Bug  Mark "Dble Haul" Dysinger  Mark's "signature" nymph pattern works well for him everywhere! 
33 Prince Nymph  Ed "Buxtehude" Lane, NC Nice fly pattern, but you'll love the short story and picture of the Westslope Cutt he caught! 
32 Two Brassies  John Mundinger, Montana John has found success with brassies, both large and small 
31 Seaducer  Richard Frailey,WA Read my brother's Tarpon Tango story. Imagine: 5 tarpon on one cast!

GRHE Nymph

 Jeff Serena, Connecticut Jeff writes a powerful story and shares a bit of the connection fishing gave him and his dad.
29 'Gill Buster  David Barson, Florida  The fishing sounds great, but I can do without the alligators.

Johnny's DH1 Hopper

 Johnny Irvin, Texas

Many, including Johnny, have found drowned terrestrials to be dynamite fish-catchers. 
27 Foam Lady Bug  Ed Gallop, Virginia  Read how this foam bug gave one of Ed's friends some "lip service". 
26 Ed's Hassle Nymph  Ed "Buxtehude" Laine, NC Thanks, Ed, for sending me a packet of this dubbing! 
25 Goode's Doubletake Nymph  Rob "Invicta" Knisely, KY Rob's story is a good one. You'll feel like you are right there fishing with him. 
24 Mike's Island Mylar-Thorax Muddler  Mike Garnier, NLFD The rabbit fur underbody on Mike's Island Muddler is a nice alternative to marabou. 
23 Foam Beetle  Ed Gallop, Virginia  Ed found this to be a powerful peformer in Alaska. 
22 Buzz Hackle  Thomas C. Duncan, CA  Similar to a Renegade, this is the only dry fly that Thomas' granddad ever fished. 
21 Three Eye Streamer  Mark Vendon, NY Now you'll know exactly what to do with those peacock eyes. This is a unique streamer!
20 PT Krystal Variant  Warren Frank, MN The glass bead and scud hook is a great variation for pheasant tail nymph enthusiasts.
 19 Purple Propeller Fly  John Dolan, WY  I plan on tying some of these for river smallies.

American Garmic

 Michael Garnier, NFLD

Mike was inspired to design this beautiful salmon fly to celebrate the American spirit.


Sante's Warren Pond

 Sante Giuliani, ME A nice variation of a New England favorite, the Hornberg.

Nate's Four-Shot Scud

 Nathan Gubbins, MN Nate has a great story of a BIG trout, and I like his flash-back technique.

Gadwall and Orange

 Peter Frailey, MA A minimalist soft hackle streamer that imitates a wounded baitfish. 

Adam's Granddad Fly

 Adam Trahan, AR Believe me, you have never seen a fly like this one. 

Wright's Royal

 Alex Vardanis, Ontario Designed originally for fishing western rivers, this fly catches trout everywhere. 

Hermann's Smuddler

Hermann Schibli, NH and Germany

Ever seen a small muddler (i.e. smuddler) the size of a dime? 

  11 Bruce's Crippled CDC & Elk  Bruce Salzburg, CO My guess is that trout everywhere will fall for this variation of the CDC and Elk.

Sante's Mt. Agementicus Mouse

 Sante Giuliani, ME

After seeing this "fly", you'll wonder why Sante hasn't become a sculptor!

  9 Quill Gordon  Eric Austin, OH The Quill Gordon has given Eric a lifetime of enjoyment. 
 8 Alberto's Green Grub

 Alberto Jimeno, NH

Alberto says this one is great for panfish.  I bet it's a killer pattern for trout, too!

  7 Jack's Flash Minnows

  Jack Hanley, NH

Jack and his friends came up with real winners with these two minnows.
  6 Pink Squirrel  David Orsborn, IL Dave could use this fly 'til the cows come home! 
5 Carl's First Fly  Carl DeFazio, WV Carl recalls his first hand-tied fly and its thread to his daughter.
  4 Red Hot  Fred Bridge, PA Based on the simple green weenie pattern, try this variation on stocked rainbows.
 3 Green Weenie  Fred Bridge, PA   The real-life personal history of this popular and unbelievably simple nymph pattern.
  2 Pheasant and Copper  Ed "Buxtehude" Laine, NC You'll enjoy this painful story about fishing in New Zealand 
  1 Eric's Stonefly Nymph  Eric Peper, TX

I think this simple pattern should be called the "Simply Elegant Stonefly" 


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