Sante's Warren Pond Special
Flies With a Story

Fly Tied By: Sante Giuliani
Recipe By: Sante Giuliani
Story By: Sante Giuliani
Home: York, Maine

Sante favors fishing for smallmouth bass, which are found in abundance in both rivers and lakes in his home state of Maine.  He and his wife and cats spend all the time they can enjoying the outdoor life (including fishing) at their camp in the White Mountains of Maine.  .


"The Warren Pond Special is a Hornberg variant..."

The Warren Pond Special is a Hornberg variant that was developed by me after catching a nice fat 14" brookie at a local fishing hole, you guessed it, named Warren Pond. This trout was so gorged on pin smelt that during the last 30 seconds of the fight these small baitfish were literally popping out of its mouth. I released the fish immediately and was amazed at the dozen or more tiny smelt-like fish it left behind. When I picked one up it was slightly more than 1" in length and was bluish pink silver in color, with traces of glitter played off its sides. I thought I could duplicate this, and immediately sat down at my tying table when I got home. The result was this variation of a Hornberg.

I gave six of them to my often-fishing partner, Cliff, who was heading up to Moosehead Lake to camp at Lily Bay for a week for salmon fishing. Fishing had been rather slow so Cliff pulled in at Lily Bay to anchor his boat and take a break. While eating his sandwich he noticed some surface activity and decided to take a few casts. He cast into the last rise form and was immediately surprised with a strike, but lost the fish and fly when he overpowered his hook-set. He tied on a second fly, which produced 12 fish in 12 casts, before the action eventually stopped. He sat there and laughed at the ugly beaten-to-death Hornberg, and retired it to his fishing hat as a reminder of the day. He told me later that he wouldn't have given me a nickel apiece for those six flies when I gave them to him, but after the action he'd seen that day, and since, he wouldn't take $10 apiece for the remaining unused four.

--Sante Giuliani

Warren Pond Special as designed and tied by Sante Giuliani

Photos by Peter Frailey

Tying Sequence:

Hook: Size 6 or 8, dry fly hook
Body: One strand blue angora wrapped to form a cigar shaped body
Rib: Pink pearl mylar Flashaboo wrapped in three or four open turns
Underwing: Strand of green mylar Krystal Flash folded in half twice to show four strands when trimmed
Wing: Pintail or Wood Duck, coated with flexament or similar product
Hackle: Grizzly hen hackle



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