Woodchuck Hoppers
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 Three different approaches to constructing a hopper.  Each has a woodchuck underwing.





  Letort Woodchuck Hopper, Size 8 2XL [photo and recipe]

Madam X Woodchuck Hopper [photo and recipe

 Foam Woodchuck Hopper
[photo and recipe]

 Foam bodies used in the patterns above. Dubbing is also an option.

foambody-notail-100-90p.jpg foambody-tail-100-90p.jpg foambody-tail-loop-100-90p.jpg

 Foam body without tail [directions]

 Foam body, woodchuck guardhair tail[directions]

 Foam body, loop and guardhair tail [directions]

 Woodchuck fur makes a wonderful wing and fine tailing material.

patch-of-fur100-90p.jpg clumpinhand-100-90p.jpg Img110.jpg

Note the order of the color bars in the fur: brown, tan, brown, white tips

Clump of fur appropriate for hopper wing. The center tan bar is very fuzzy

Clump of fur tied in as underwing on Letort Woodchuck Hopper


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