Woodchuck-Wing Stoneflies
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  Stonefly #1

 Stonefly #2

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Stonefly #1 is the first stonefly pattern I ever tied.  It is a Gary Borger design and can be found in his excellent book, Designing Trout Flies.  Borger ties the woodchuck-fur wing on last, at the head, laying it over the hackle collar after cutting out a V-shape in the top of the collar.  

Stonefly #2 is my adaptation.  In this variation, the wing is tied on before the hackle is tied in, as you would on flies such as the Stimulator or Sofa Pillow pattern.

Hook: Size 2-10, 3XL (photos are of size 6 Tiemco 200)

Thread: Color and size to suite. 

Tail and underbody:
Clump of deer hair tied in along shank (see picture below), with tips forming the fly's tail. The deer hair underbody is helpful in floating the fly.


Body: Over the deer hair underbody, dub a body with an appropriate color.

Hackle/Legs: Dry fly hackle

Wing: clump of Woodchuck fur, both underfur and guard hair. Note the nice white tips in the photos.

Notes:  Stonefly #1: clip a V-shape in the top and bottom of hackle before tying in the wing.
Stonefly #2: the wing is tied in first and then the hackle. Clip a V-shape into the bottom of the hackle and leave the top full.


  Stonefly #3

 Stonefly #4



These two recipes are FOAM-BODY stoneflies.  I like the extra flotation and "plop" the foam body

Hook: Size 2-10, 3XL (photos are of size 6 Tiemco 200).

Thread: Color and size to suit.  Danville Flat Waxed thread in white or black was used here.

Tail and body: Form a foam loop for the tail (see below left), using a sliver of 2mm thick "fun foam".  I used orange foam on Stonefly #3 and tan foam on Stonefly #4.  Tie in the loop and wrap the foam forward (see below right) to just behind the head.



Wing: Clump of Woodchuck fur, both underfur and guard hair.
Hackle (Fly #3): Dry fly hackle to match the hatch. I used cree rooster hackle here. When finished, I cut a V-shape in the bottom of the hackle, so the fly will ride lower in the water.

Collar/head (Fly #4): Tie in a clump of deer or elk hair just as you would for the famous Letort Hopper.  I used Coastal Deer Hair in the sample above. Clip the butts to form a head.


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