Fred's Weenies (Green Weenie and Red Hot)
Flies With a Story


"The Green Weenie was developed by Ken Igo and Russ Mowry ..."

Fly Tied By: Fred Bridge
Recipe By: Russ Mowry (Weenie) and Fred Bridge (Red Hot)
Story By: Fred Bridge
Home: York, Pennsylvania

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Once a professional tier, now that Fred is retired he restricts his tying to flies for himself, friends and family.  Fred is an active supporter of a number of PA Trout Unlimited Chapters.  He enjoys presenting slide shows of trips to Yellowstone Country, New York's Salmon River, and New Zealand's North Island, to conservation and fishing groups.

The Green Weenie was developed by Ken Igo and Russ Mowry of Westmoreland County, PA.  The late Russ Mowry was Fredís brother-in-law, friend, buddy, fishing companion, and mentor, teaching Fred the fundamentals of fly tying and fly fishing more than 50 years ago.

Fred introduced the Weenie to South Central PA and the popularity of this simple fly has spread rapidly throughout the country. Probably, this is due in no small part to Charlie Meckís book Pennsylvania Trout Streams and Their Hatches, in which he talks about first using it while fishing with Russ Mowry in Western PA.

As the fly is very effective on brown trout, though other trout will hit it, Fred figured something red would work even better for rainbows and brook trout.  He found that when tied with fluorescent fire orange chenille, the Red Hot is to rainbows and brooks what the Weenie is to browns.

By the way, tied on #6 or #8 long shank salmon hooks, both flies will take salmon from the upstate NY rivers.

--Fred Bridge

Green Weenie and Red Hot, as tied by Fred Bridge


Photos by Peter Frailey

Tying Sequence:

Size 12, Mustad 79580.
Thread: Green or red.
Underbody: Wraps of lead wire. (Or, leave unweighted and dress with floatant to fish as a caterpillar or inchworm.)
Tail: 1/4" loop of chenille.
Body: Chenille wrapped up the shank and tied off.
Head: Thread wraps completed with whip finish and cement.


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