Don's Story Flies
Flies With a StoryThe Surprise Attack

Recipes for of the three flies featured in Don Shaw's story, "The Surprise Attach": 

Turck's Tarantula


Hook: 2xl dry fly, size 6 to 14
Thread: Tan
Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippets (original recipe calls for Amherst pheasant tippets)
Body: Hare's mask fur
Wing: White calftail under a few strands of pearl Krystal Flash
Legs: White rubber leg material
Collar and head: Spun deer body hair, trimmed except on the top


Chernobyl Ant


Hook: 2xl dry fly, size 6 to 10
Body: Sliver of black foam, approximately 1/4" wide.  Trim the corners off on the front and back to give more of a rounded appearance.
Legs: Two sets of rubber leg material
Indicator: Small piece of white foam

Note: This is a simple interpretation of the Chernobyl Ant.  There are many variations and it can be tied in many colors.  For a more intricate version, see Mike Johnson's version


Prince Nymph


Hook: Nymph, 1xl or 2xl, size 8 to 14
Thread: Black
Tail: Two black goose biots, tied split
Body: Black ostrich herl
Rib: Silver tinsel
Legs: Black hackle wound or forming a beard
Wing: Two white goose biots tied to create a "V' when viewed from above

Note: The Prince is also known as the Brown Forked Tail.  There is a version called the Black Forked Tail which is made with black ostrich herl and black biots.  Don's variation combines features of both and is pictured below.)



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