Alberto's Green Grub

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The Green Grub

Fly By: Alberto Jimeno
Recipe By: Alberto Jimeno
Story By: Alberto Jimeno
Home: Merrimack, NH
Alberto was born in Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic, while his family was living there, but grew up in Lima, Peru. He attended college in the U.S. and now works for a semiconductor manufacturing firm in Manchester,NH, where you can find him fishing the Merrimack River during lunch. His homewaters are the rivers and ponds of northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire where he fishes for trout, bass, and panfish. Alberto started fly fishing and fly tying in the year 2000

This simple, yet effective, pattern holds a special place in my fly box because it was the first fly I learned how to tie. I learned how to tie this fly from an old fly-tying kit I bought on Ebay. This kit had just enough materials in it to teach a beginner how to tie Wooly Worms.

The first one of these flies that came off my vise was also the first fly I caught a fish on. I would love to say that first fish was a 14" rainbow trout or a 20" largemouth bass but that would be far from true. The first Green Grub I tied caught a 7" sunfish on the downstream side of Russell Mill Pond in Chelmsford, MA. Since then, this fly has turned into one of my go to flies when I go panfishing. I fish this fly as a nymph, letting it sink to the bottom and then slowly stripping it back to me. This fly has caught sunfish, crappie, largemouth bass, and even a few catfish.

The original pattern called for chenille as the body and head material , but I modified it with a beadhead so I could fish the fly down near the bottom without having to add split shot to my leader. Iím not sure what nymph this fly imitates, but like the original Wooly Worm the Green Grub catches a lot of fish.

--Alberto Jimeno


Green Grub as designed and tied by Alberto Jimeno

 Photo by Peter Frailey

Tying Order:

Hook: Size 12, Mustad 9672
Head: Black bead
Thread: Black
Tail: Brown hackle fibers
Body: Olive chenille
Hackle: Brown or dun (palmered Wooly Worm style)


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