Woodchuck Mini Jig

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When tied on a scud hook, with a beadhead and tail tied down along the bend of the hook, this fly with ride with the hook point up like a jig.  I use mini jigs in fast water as a substitute for standard nymphs.


The Recipe:
Hook: Shown here is a size 10 Tiemco scud hook.
Thread: Danville 3/0 in a bright color, such as fluorescent orange, red, or chartreuse.
Bead: Appropriate size for the hook, black or gold. Shown here is a 5/32" bead.
Tail: Woodchuck fur with the guardhair removed.  The tip-most 1/2" to 3/4" of fur is usually tan in color. This the portion of the fur I prefer for tails.
Abdomen: Woodchuck dubbing. I cut up the underfur (the tip half of the fur is tan and the bottom half is dark brown, usually) in 1/4" pieces into an electric "mini-chop" appliance.  Run the appliance until it is all mixed up, perhaps 15 seconds. Since this fur is very course and stiff, a dubbing loop helps to get it on the hook.
Thorax: A few turns of 3-4 peacock herl fibers, tied off behind the beadhead.
Neck: Build up a neck behind the beadhead with the tying thread.  I use a whipping tool to complete the job.

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