Stacked Hair-Wing Hopper

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Tied by John Mundinger, Helena, MT

 Photos by Peter Frailey

Materials and Tying Sequence:

Hook: Mustad 9672 (or 94840), size 10
hread:  Danville 6/0, gray
Tail: Crystal Flash, red
Hare's Ear (or Haretron dubbing), natural
Wing: Natural deer hair tied in as 5 or 6 bunches progressing toward the post
: Rubber legs, black
Post: Widows Web, orange
Hackle: Brown

bdomen:  Haretron dubbing, orange

Tying Instructions:

A similar fly (same fly, different ingredients) by John was a Fly of the Week (FOTW) on flyanglersonline.com, in 2005 and his article includes step-by-step instruction.


Size 12 Variation

Size 14 Variation



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