Needle Hopper

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Tied by Dennis Collier, Longmont CO

 Photos by Peter Frailey


Dennis's Tying Sequence:

Hook: TMC 3202, size 8
Thread: Danville 3/0 monocord, tan
Extended Abdomen: 3 mm white open cell foam, colored with waterproof market to match the natural
Wing: Mottled brown Web Wing or mottled brown Thin-Skin
Head: Deer hair tied bullet style.
Legs: Brown round rubber
Indicator: Florescent white deer belly hair.

A Tip From Dennis: 

The first  three segments of the abdomen are tied on a needle inserted into the vise jaws, then removed, slipped off the needle and attached to the hook just above the point.

Dennis tied this variation on the Daiichi #1870 hook, size 10




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