Little Parachute Hopper

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Tied by Fred Bridge, York PA

 Photo by Peter Frailey

Fred's Typical Tying Sequence:

Hook: Mustad 79580, size 12 or 14
Thread: Brown

Post: Orange poly-yarn, with butt tied along top of shank as an underbody
Abdomen: Amber colored rabbit dubbing
Rib: Plaston (or substitute Larva Lace)
Wing: Dark turkey quill segment
Legs: Knotted pheasant tail fibers
Hackle Tie-in: Brown hackle tied in in front of post, with feather tip pointing rearward
Thorax: Amber colored rabbit dubbing
Hackle Tie-off:
Wrap hackle parachute style (and clockwise) and tie off at the bottom of the post

Tying Tips: 

1) In early season the legs and wing can be trimmed off for an effective March Brown imitation

2) Amber rabbit dubbing can be created by blending brown, gold, and green dubbing in equal amounts




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