Foam Hopper

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Tied by Loren Williams, Liverpool NY

 Photo by Peter Frailey

Loren's Tying Sequence

Hook: Mustad 9672
Thread: Yellow

Underbody: One long slip of foam placed on top of the shank, with one end tied in behind the eye. (The long end should point rearward past the bend.) Starting at the front, bind foam down onto the shank with tying thread, wrapping toward the rear.
(See photo of underside, below)
Body: From the rear, fold the foam slip forward. Create segments with open wraps of thread, wrapping forward to about 1/3 behind the eye. Then, with tight wraps, bind down the foam to behind the eye.  Excess foam should now be pointing forward.
Slip of turkey quill feather
Overwing: Deer hair
Thorax/head: Front end of the foam pulled back over the butt ends of the turkey quill and deer hair.  Cut excess foam.
Legs: Centipede legs, premarked




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