Dave's Hopper

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Tied by Rob Knisely, Waynesburg KY

 Photos by Peter Frailey

Tying Sequence:

Hook: Mustad 9672,  #8
Thread: Danville's 6/0 tan
Body Foundation:
17 pound mono
Natural deer hair, dyed red

Body: Yellow poly yarn
Natural brown neck hackle, clipped
Brown, palmered over body and clipped
Pale yellow deer hair
Overwing: Wild turkey tail
Legs: Ringneck pheasant tail, knotted
Head and Collar:
Deer hair, dark brown & pale yellow
Weed-guard: 17 pound mono

Tying Tips: 

Rob writes: This is how I tie Dave Whitlock's pattern to match what is most prevalent in my area.  Dave has many different tips for tying his pattern and his video is indispensable for learning it.  Change colors and materials to match what is in your area.




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